Music Collaboration Project

I am currently looking to form an all instrumental guitar duo or trio. The musical compositions will feature original instrumental material with absolutely no vocals or percussion. The music will encompass a diverse mix of blues, latin, classical, jazz and world ethnic elements.


I do not want to place any restrictions or limitation on the stylistic elements or hamper the creative process by adhering to a certain genre. However, we will cover original only compositions which will include complex harmonization with many linear diatonic harmonies to create rich melodies, counterbalanced by rhythmically upbeat improvisation sections. We will gravitate from practice sessions to open mics and eventually paid private performances and gigs.

I am searching for one or two other guitarists who play either fingerstyle or with a plectrum. Electrified instruments or the ability to amplify is essential for both practice and future performances. Any male or female with a professional attitude, no ego or personal life issues with a dedicated spirit is most welcome. You definitely should have a passion for playing diverse music or at minimum an appreciation for all guitar instrumental music. I am hoping to create a project that will be both challenging and satisfying. Below I have listed some general guidelines concerning the skill and knowledge you should have so we are not hampered in this creative endeavor.

Skills, Knowledge and A Professional Attitude


Music Theory: A solid understanding of the basic concepts in music theory and the terminology of music. You do not have to have a degree in music composition but a good understand helps for composition and creative input as well as improvisation.

Improvisation: You should be comfortable improvising using a variety of scales, modes and arpeggios. Being equally adept in all keys, soloing through diatonic chord progressions that modulate or against a simple 12 bar blues groove.

Chord Vocabulary: You should have a solid chord vocabulary especially with barre chords and playing in diverse keys using some common sevenths and compound extensions and alterations. Good rhythmic skills is also essential as we will be working through some varied changes reflecting different styles of music.

Harmonization: A good understanding of harmonizing scalar lines for dual or trio guitar purposes. Think of latin instrumental guitar styles to get a general idea. We will be doing many harmonizations which involve diatonic scales in thirds, sixths and possibly other harmonies.

Technique: Good overall jazz or classical style physical technique, as we will be working with many three note per string or 7 note type scales such as major scales, diatonic modes, harmonic minor and broken arpeggios. Having proper technique will make it easier for us to jointly accomplish this music without any physical difficulties or limitations.

Speed: Possess a basic level of picking speed that should concentrate around 140+ bpm for 16th notes. This is just a general estimation as many of our harmonies will be around this tempo so it is essential you are comfortable playing at this speed and beyond.

Equipment: A guitar that is suitable for playing clean only tones which is electrically amplified. Semi-hollow body is fine as well as some form of hybrid acoustic or if you are a fingerstyle player, an acoustic guitar that can be amplified or plugged into an amplifier.

Desire: I am looking for dedicated people. Someone who loves pure improvisation and instrumental harmonies. Someone who has their proverbial shit together and is past the nonsensical drama that unfortunately accompanies creative individuals. This means no drugs, drinking or destructive habits that will impede our collective progress.

Interested or have any questions or comments?
Feel free to contact me.