Guitar Lessons

Do  you wish to study the guitar?
I offer private guitar instruction in two popular formats. Online via Skype and in a traditional one on one live setting. I cover a diversity of styles and accept PayPal and Bitcoin for payment.


Learning to correctly play the guitar requires great determination, solitary effort, discipline, specific goals and effective teaching methods.  Many beginners make the mistake of trying to learn difficult concepts in theory with no application, or acquire bad technique due to improper physical training.  For numerous others, playing becomes synonymous with practice and as a result after many years of such repetitive playing, no new skills, techniques or knowledge is learned or absorbed.  These issues can be overcome quite easily with proper guided instruction.  It is imperative you understand that regardless of what instruction you choose, the correct mindset must be developed in order to make real progress.  Remember, no amount of instruction can make you a better guitarist if you are unwilling to dedicate the time, effort and discipline to achieve your goals.


I offer two methods of private instruction. This makes it extremely convenient for students anywhere in the world who wish to study with me at their own convenience and who are not hampered by time, distance and a hectic schedule. It is essential when considering lessons for any instrument, you are able to make a commitment to study and practice that is appropriate for reaching your specific goals.


The styles I cover are essentially electric guitar: blues, rock, metal with jazz/fusion and neo-classical influences. I do concentrate heavily on proper technique and execution but I primarily focus on music theory and it’s application: scales, modes, chord theory, song structure and composition. You will learn to write, compose songs as well as solo and improvise over a variety of chord progressions in diverse musical styles. Classical (Nylon String/Fingerstyle) guitar is also taught and this is considered a separate instrument, requiring individual attention and lessons apart from electric guitar styles. Students may specify which they prefer to study.


All lessons are arranged and modified to a students particular level and abilities as well as musical interests & styles. However, universal concepts and music theory will be taught to all levels. During the course of lessons I will make references to particular guitarists and songs in a variety of genre’s. However, for the most part I will not transcribe or tab songs as part of lessons due to time constraints and it’s relevance in light of the numerous tablature website archives on the net as well as mp3 dump sites, which are all freely available for download.




ONLINE SKYPE LESSONS: One on one guitar lessons in which the student will have a lesson on the internet using a webcam and Skype. This is very beneficial to students who live to far to physically travel for guitar lessons. You can now study with me privately in the comfort of your own home, at an appropriate predetermined date and time making it easier for you to obtain proper instruction. The added benefit is that you can live anywhere in the world.

LIVE PHYSICAL LESSONS: One on one guitar lessons in which the student is located in close physical proximity to my teaching location. This will entail the student traveling to and from each lesson in a physical manner. This is the traditional route that most students will undertake to begin studying with me. This is only feasible to those who live in the vicinity of Utrecht, Netherlands or in close proximity.




  1. A guitar to use during the duration of the lesson. Preferably this should be amplified through a suitable amp so as to facilitate the ease of sound transmission through your mic & cam setup.

  2. Fast internet connection. This should be either DSL, Broadband Cable, Satellite or T1 and above.

  3. A PC or MAC with a working and properly configured webcam and mic. Please make sure this is set up and working on your system before booking any lesson and prior to the start of every lesson.

  4. Skype Application which is a free program to use for audio/video calls and conferencing. You can download the latest version from

  5. PayPal account in order to purchase and pay for your online guitar lessons. All lessons must be purchased and paid for ahead of every scheduled session. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can open a free account at

  6. I am now accepting Bitcoin for payments of all live and skype online guitar lesson packages. If you do not already have a Bitcoin wallet, you can open a free account at


Contact me by using the online form, indicating that you are interested in an online guitar lesson. Make sure you have a specific date and time in mind as well as some alternate choices in the event I am unable to schedule the lesson on your original first choice.


Once I have confirmed the date and time of your online lesson, please return to this page and make a payment below. All online guitar session are priced in USD payable with PayPal or Bitcoin. You can use the following link which is set up for your convenience.








Once you complete the payment transaction you will receive and automated receipt for the purchase. Your lesson is then booked. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please allow a minimum of 24 hours to inform me. I will honor refund requests for all booked unused lessons. No refunds will be given for lessons already completed and used.

Thank you and I will see you online during your scheduled lesson. Please have your system set up and prepared prior to the start of your lesson. Be on time and ready to begin each session. After every lesson, I will be emailing students within 24 hours, notes in PDF format. These notes will cover the material taught during the online lessons.




  1. Plan A: Weekly one hour private lesson (4 x per month) This is the most common schedule for a serious student who is interested in seeing quality improvement in the shortest time. This is adequate for those who can devote the necessary time and practice outside the weekly lesson. Extremely important to seeing quantifiable results.

  2. Plan B: Bi-monthly one hour private lesson (2 x month) This is a common choice for students who maintain an extremely hectic schedule between family, work and school. The bi-monthly lessons will help insure they receive adequate attention and new material to keep the progress consistent.

  3. Plan C: Pay as You Go – Anytime per week or month. I offer this last option for those rare students who are unable to commit to a more rigid structure for lessons. This can be due to an excessively busy schedule or simply lack of time to commit to practice or to absorbing the material. This is also the trial lesson option for first time curious students. See further information below regarding Plan B or C


A Bi-monthly schedule is available for lessons as this type of arrangement is flexible enough to accommodate a students hectic lifestyle in terms of balancing family, work and/or school. It also provides you adequate time to absorb the material between the lessons, in the event that ample practice time is not available.
Due to potential scheduling issues with weekly students, my bi-monthly rate reflects the slight increased in cost in order to accommodate everyone. I also provide more material to bi-monthly students to compensate for the extra time between lessons.

Plan C is unique compared to the two previous plans. Under this option you do NOT have to prepay online. You simply pay for the lessons you take DURING the START of EACH Lesson. Cash payment ONLY – No checks or money orders with this option. This plan is suitable if you have a very hectic schedule or wish to simply set up a “trial” lesson on a one time basis. This is also an option if your budget does not allow for a more steady schedule. Using this plan you can take one lesson a month or 2 times a week. There is no limitation. However, I must be provided with 48 hours notice at minimum for booking a lesson under this option.



One lesson per week is $30. Bi-monthly or twice a month is $35 per lesson. Plan C, pay as you go option is $40 per lesson. All lessons are ONE hour in duration. So a weekly lesson plan for a month would be $120 and bi-monthly $70. All lesson plans are due and paid for in advance via the online payment system Paypal ( which is FREE and accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and e-checks via bank transfer. It is 100% safe, secure and you are protected from online fraud. In addition, I also accept payment with bitcoin.

If you choose “Plan A” weekly lesson, payment of $120 (4 lessons) is to be paid. For “Plan B” the bi-monthly plan, $70 (2 lessons) is paid. Payment must be received prior to the start of any lessons. No exceptions. Booking of all lessons is secured through payment. “Plan C” students must notify me via email PRIOR to the actual date and time of an intended future lesson. I will verify and the date and time with you, and the lesson is can be booked and arranged to avoid any scheduling confusion. Please provide at least 48 hours notice when booking a Plan C lesson. Plan C is also perfect for those who wish to have a “trial lesson” and are unsure of their future commitment as a long term student.



Cancellations of lessons is understandable and I require a 24 hour notice if possible, minus any unforeseen emergency circumstances. If not an emergency, a simple email or call will suffice to inform me you will not be able to keep the appointment.

All students have one month to schedule their make-up lesson in the event of a cancellation. After one month time elapses, I will be unable to accommodate a make up or missed lesson due to scheduling. This should not be an issue as most students will reschedule a missed lesson during the same week if possible. This is the simplest policy, and ensures you do not miss a lesson you have paid for in advance, and also avoids potential long term scheduling problems.



  1. Check your schedule and decide what day & time is available for you. Please try to choose a time and day that will essentially remain unchanged except for emergencies.

  2. Choose Plan A (Weekly lessons) or Plan B (Bi-monthly lessons) or Plan C (Trial/Pay As You Go)







You may also contact me directly using the contact form expressing which plan you are interested in booking and the date & time you wish to begin (first lesson) – I will acknowledge that day of the week and time as your scheduled “block” for future lessons based on the plan you choose. This means for example, that if chose January 30 (Tuesday) at 5:00pm for your first lesson. Then any and all subsequent lessons are scheduled for the same day and time: Tuesday at 5pm

Provided there is no scheduling conflict with the day and time you have chosen, I will reply with an email confirmation and send you a payment invoice from PayPal or Bitcoin. The payment amount will reflect the plan you have chosen along with a month of lessons paid in advance. In other words, the invoice will always be either for $120 (Plan A) or $70 (Plan B) or $40 (Plan C)

Pay the invoice to book the lessons. Once I received the payment confirmation notice from PayPal or Bitcoin, the lessons are scheduled. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can open one for FREE in less then 5 minutes online: or simply use the links above to purchase using bitcoin.

I will then email you to confirm your lesson and give you the address and general directions to my location.

NOTE: Once payment has been exhausted for a month of lessons, I will send out another invoice for the next month. For Plan A students, this invoice will be emailed after every 4th lesson. For Plan B students, the invoice will be emailed after every 2 lessons. Plan C students need to email me at least 2 days prior to indicate they wish to have a lesson on a certain date and time. In this manner a month is always paid for in advance so long you wish to secure lessons.

If a students wishes to terminate lessons, simply inform me and do not continue to pay the invoice for the following month. A full refund for unused lessons will be provided via Paypal. If a student wishes to terminate lessons, mid-month for Plan A, I will provide a refund for the unused lessons. However, I do not prorate or provide refunds if you decide to stop lessons mid month or after one lesson if you have chosen and paid for Plan B (bi-monthly). Plan C students will get a refund of an unused lesson if I am given prior notice of cancellation. This must be done at least 24 hours prior to the lesson date and time.

What to bring to the lesson? You will only need to bring your guitar, a pick and a folder to keep various notes and documents which I will supply. For every lesson, I will provide you with various handouts which will entail chord charts, tablature and chord diagrams as well as impromptu handwritten notes. Please make sure you save all notes, especially those that are written during the lessons as I can not replace any lost or missing notes except those that were copied.

In regards to payment for live physical lessons- If you decided to forgo the online payment method, you will pay in cash for each and every session. Please bring exact change if possible and make payment at the end or start each lesson. Prepayment of future lessons is not necessary or possible for cash payment.

Finally, due to the method and manner in which I teach as well as the complexity of the material, I do not accept students younger then 15. This is unfortunate but a necessary policy because of my previous experience teaching younger musicians. In addition, I find this separates those students who make the conscious choice to study guitar by themselves, as opposed to overzealous parents who often subconsciously force children to study music. This is not conducive for the student or the teacher. One can never force anyone to learn simply by expressing parental authority. It is best to wait until the child matures and to observe if he or she expresses natural interest. This combination of natural expression of interest and parental support represents the best solution for musical progress and overall success.