I am accepting students for online and offline private lessons. I am also seeking collaborative musical projects.

Music Collaboration Project

I am currently looking to form an all instrumental guitar duo or trio. The musical compositions will feature original instrumental material with absolutely no vocals or percussion. The music will encompass a diverse mix of blues, latin, classical, jazz and world ethnic elements. More info

Guitar Lessons

Do  you wish to study the guitar?
I offer private guitar instruction in two popular formats. Online via Skype and in a traditional one on one live setting. I cover a diversity of styles and accept PayPal and Bitcoin for payment. More info


Canadian born and a native of New York City, my creative journey was a the result of an an eclectic & diverse musical progression. Heavily influenced by the multifarious vibrancy of pre-gentrified lower east side NYC, music provided the perfect outlet for creative expression. This distinctiveness fostered development of a deep appreciation for a myriad of musical styles and genres. This in turn cultivated my creative curiosity and and as a result, my initial exposure to music and the guitar began at age 12.

However, it was the explosive intensity of rock and metal music which fueled my interest and passion for the guitar on a newfound level. Realizing my limitations, I searched for a qualified guitar teacher, eventually studying for numerous years in the Bowery section of NYC with a Berklee graduate. During this period I became engrossed in the traditional elements of music including improvisation, composition, theory, ear training and proper technique. Improvement eventually came with diligence and focus.

It was during this influential period that Swedish virtuoso, Yngwie Malmsteen emerged on the shred scene with his neoclassical style. This had a tremendous impact and influence for me as a guitarist. Always a perpetual student, I began to study the classical guitar with instructor David Gilfix. Ironically, his home studio was located in the infamous east village section of NYC, directly on Astor Place. As a classical student, I covered traditional works by Sor, Tarrega, Bach, Villa-Lobos as well as learning numerous standard repertoire pieces. Learning classical technique was extremely beneficial to my overall development as a guitarist.

The popularity of shred inspired metal paved the way for the continued upward acceleration and influence of the guitar, as the primary vehicle for rock stardom. As a result, I quickly became self absorbed in the technical merits and achievements of numerous Shrapnel Records artists. In essence, I was always the proverbial student, so it was only natural for me to continued my musical growth by forming several original musical projects combining various popular progressive metal styles.

My formal education continued as an undergraduate music theory & performance major at York CUNY in Jamaica, New York. I was a member of an all guitar jazz ensemble under the tutelage of jazz virtuoso, and recording artist George Bien. This was an unique opportunity, as this was the largest all guitar Jazz ensemble in the New York academic scene. Overall, my formal education included courses in harmony & counterpoint, composition, theory, ear training and appreciation. Considering the high turnover at Universities for guitarists enrolled in a music program, the time spent was well worth the education obtained when contrasted with solitary study. There is a certain degree of competitiveness and camaraderie between guitarists in an academic setting.

As an instructor, I consider myself well versed in a multitude of styles and genre’s of music. I tend to stress diversity in listening skills and experimenting with the development of a broad musical palette. In addition, I emphasize the constant and vigilant approach to development of proper classical technique. I place equal emphasis on developing and practicing with a clean tone.

As a guitarist, I continue to develop my musical awareness and knowledge by always maintaining a perception of openness and acceptability towards eclectic music. Recently I have been dabbling in Flamenco guitar and have experimented with Midi having written complete instrumental songs which include several guitars, bass, piano, drum and Latin percussion loops. I continue to teach privately and offer instruction in all aspects of guitar covering the essential fundamentals to advanced concepts. I cover a multitude of modern topics from technique to improvisation, chords and theory, song composition and analysis with an overall emphasis on gaining a solid understanding of complex musical elements from the unique perspective of a guitarist.

My creative journey has taken me from New York City to Southwest Florida, Utrecht, the Netherlands to Ottawa, Canada and currently, El Paso, Texas. Aside from music, I have an AA in Humanities, a BA in Physical Anthropology and an MA degree in Communications & Media studies from Malmö University in Sweden.  In addition, I have completed a one year post Graduate certificate in Caucasus Studies and have taken numerous individual courses in a range of subjects from International Economic History, Russian Literary Culture, Globalization & Social Change, Anthropocene, Foreign Policy Analysis and EU Political Institutions.  As of 2017, I am completing a second Masters degree in Intelligence & National Security Studies, a unique program in the NSSI at the University of Texas, an IC ACE member. I have also obtained several information technology certifications and remain an avid web developer, designer and crypto-currency enthusiast.
Diversification appears to be endemic in my life.


Please contact me via email message prior to any postal mail inquiries. My location and address changes often. I am currently located in El Paso, Texas since December 2016 after relocating from Ottawa, Canada in October.

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